The Udder Belly Festival is back at London South Bank with its headline show Limbo. Follow the purple cow into The Spiegeltent — a dark underworld teeming with electric energy in the atmosphere. This sassy circus is not for the faint hearted, so leave the children at home. Limbo with it's whips, chains, and scorching flames, is for the curious and intrepid thrill seeker. I like to think of it as S & M ran away to the circus, and thankfully, there's not a dorky clown in sight! Limbo's freaks are of the sexy variety — tight butts, wash board torsos, and racial diversity.  This is the domain of contortionist, fire eaters, illusionist, magicians, and a 'hot' lady deep-throating swords. 

The acts sing and dance to live music thumped out by an idiosyncratic band — but don't get it twisted, you'll be singing and tapping along to their catchy theme tune, too. The acrobatics are edgy and interactive, but not obtrusive, and will have you "Oohing" and "Aahing" with delight, or fright. The seating plan encircles the stage, immersing you into the action, and enabling you to see and feel everything. I have to appreciate every inch of the mise-en-scène because the stage transformations are seamless, and the lighting...seductive. The only thing left for me to say is 'Do yourself a favour, 'get off' to Limbo The Show!'

Limbo The Show is an installment of London Wonderground at London South Bank Centre for the Udder Belly Festival. The show runs from 10 May until 29 September 2013.



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